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consider a harlequin 7.1 rip

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any one had any experience on a harlequin rip version 7.1? We're considering buying a used ctp and that's the rip that comes with it. I've heard others say that the only rip that makes sense for the future is one based on the Adobe print engine.

Any help appreciated.

What are you going to send to it? And is it an actual RIP that will be doing the screening or is it just a tiff catcher?

it's the actual rip, trapping screening etc.

Supposed to replace our old Apogee X system.

more of the money available at this time is going to a small 4 color litho press that's all digital. Not getting a new ctp unfortunately. The platesetter is a SCREEN about 5 years old. I guess it's refirbushed.

8.3 appears to be the latest version so as usual, newer file formats could pose a problem. Their web site does state though that:

--- Quote ---The Harlequin RIP has processed PostScript files natively since 1988 and PDF files natively since 1997, including rendering of live PDF transparency since 2002. It also processes XPS, the print and document format from Microsoft natively.
--- End quote ---


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