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Cleaning the Azura gummer C125 & roller wear question

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Two questions for you Azura users:

1. I'm going to be doing a full cleaning on the gummer this week. In the past, it seems like it takes an awful lot of scrubbing with a Scotchbrite pad to get most of the residue off the squeegee rollers, and also a lot of work to clean the gray basin after all the rollers are out. Is there a better way than good old-fashioned elbow grease/Scotchbrite?

2. Do the squeegee rollers wear out, and what are the signs? I'm noticing that the top roller (after the scrub brushes) looks like it is either swollen in the middle or worn toward the outer 1/3 of the length (can't tell which is the case). My plates are coming out a little dirty due to the uneven squeegee action, and sometimes the center of the roller rubs against the clear plastic splashguard, rocking it back and forth and causing a knocking sound. Can I just swap the roller with the top roller that is in the first position to get some more life out of it? (the very first roller an incoming plate touches).

1. Hot water with the scotch brite is what I use. I do a rinse every other month and pull the rollers every other month. Only takes a few minutes per roller - not bad. The hotter the water, the easier the stuff comes loose... but it's never caked on very bad. The whole process shouldn't take you more than about 2 hours total. I find that an old toothbrush to get in behind the gears does the trick. I also like to take the brushes outside and spray them with our hose attachment.

2. I guess they could, but in almost 10 years of working with Agfa processors I've never seen it happen.

I have a question for you - how often are you cleaning your processor? If it's that bad, maybe you're not cleaning it often enough.

I don't have an AGFA plate processor, but I find cleaning mine is very quick and easy.
I drain my gum and developer and then fill the machine up with just hot water both developer and gummer.
I run the cycle a couple of times, drain and repeat.
I scrub the rollers with a wet terry cloth towel while it cycles, with the rollers in place.
I find the pumps, brushes, hoses and distributing "sprayer" bar will also keep clean this way.

I don't get much build up and the whole draining and refilling is pretty quick.
I don't know how feasible that kind of process would be for you guys, but worth looking into if it works.

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--- Quote from: DigiCorn on July 18, 2011, 03:10:41 PM ---
I have a question for you - how often are you cleaning your processor? If it's that bad, maybe you're not cleaning it often enough.

--- End quote ---

I follow Agfa's recommendation of every 3rd jug of gum it gets cleaned. Each time I change the jug I do a rinse with a jug of hot water and also clean the filter, both per Agfa's manual. Takes me about 2 hours for the full clean, too.

I think part of the issue might be that I don't run very many plates. I do put a jug of hot water on over the weekend to loosen things up, but unless I were to come back and keep replacing the water it is only hot for an hour or so.


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