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anyone looking at Navigator 9?

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you can't really see it too well because it's zoomed in so close but the orange spot color trap gets wider as the black screen gets darker at the top.

Anyway, it might just be the DEMO... I'll know later today when the rips install and will post sometime.

I can't see the image due to my IT department blocking it, but if is a trap to a gradient you might be seeing a Sliding Trap. This allows a trap to slide gently from the lighter area to the darker area whenever the difference in “darkness” between the two areas is less than a specified percentage (0-100%).

Basically it prevents the trap from suddenly changing directions.

well we've finally got version 9 up and's only been a couple of days on it but first impressions are that it's waaaay better than version 8. This time we have more of a workflow appearance (as apposed to the bare bones version 8) but that did cost more.

I tested some spot color pdf's with heavy transparency and let the rip do the flattening and it was quick and the trapping was simple and accurate. The trapping is now the Harlequin TrapPro instead of the 3rd party we had before. It works much faster. We have a pdf raster plugin that basically gives us a one rip system (finally) We can even make proofs with trapping. I haven't tried this yet, not sure if there's many instances where we'd need this anyway.

To move from a 2006 rip to a 2012 rip seems to make a drastic difference.

Harlequin RIP 8.x is a great RIP. If it's setup correctly it should be completely reliable. v8.3 should have no problems with RIPping transparency. That being said RIP's are software too so there can be flaws which are usually addressed with updates. Version 9 is a solid RIP. One of my friends helped develop and test v8 and v9 Harlequin RIP's. There isn't much you can't do with them. The trapping though it sounds like TrapPro may have hit a limit. Look at something like Lucid Dreams iTrap product. It's great trapping software.

Just make sure your hardware is capable of maximizing the performance of the RIP.

trapPro hit a limit? so far it's trapping everything very well....


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