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anyone looking at Navigator 9?

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Still don't know if we should get the TrapPro that can be included with the rip or continue with the 3rd party itrap. Its my choice but am not sure what to pick. Gotta decide this week though.

queer thing happening here with the TrapPro software....... you can see in the preview that the spot color goes from no trap to producing a stroke on the black. I've been testing the trapping and so far pretty good till I sent this pdf to the rip.

It's just a demo I downloaded, the real software will be installed tommorow. Well there's a least one question to answer here about the trapping ... maybe it's just because it is a DEMO. Well see..

Uploaded with

strange, recreated the gradient in photoshop and dropped it in and it worked fine. Gonna try me Illustrator gradient.

no good with Ilustrator background gradient either.....

I do see that the traps seem from your picture to get fatter as the object gets larger - the big one on the left has a full width of a dot of trap and the smallest one on the right barely a fraction of the width of a dot, which should be a setting you can change?


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