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Azura processor slow draining

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So, my Azura processor is now 2 years old and it's been draining kinda slow lately, so today while I was doing my every-three-months cleaning it I decided to disconnect the hoses that supply and return the gum and they were practically filled solid with slimy old blue gum skins! Disconnected all the hoses (except for the ones connected to the filter, which were too difficult to remove and I was afraid something would break) and cleaned them out and now it drains properly again.

Has anyone else had to do this? There's nothing in the manual that says you need to go through all this, so I'm just curious if it is a widespread thing. I'm finding this processor to be more difficult to clean and keep clean than I originally expected.

No. Have you ever cleaned the filter? Or accidentally fed a slip sheet through the processor? I just cleaned mine today and was noticing a little blue buildup inside the clear hoses, but nothing I was concerned with. I always use super heated water when cleaning.

I have noticed that used to happen to our old processor, when it was winter here in Oz.  Summer was no problem but I found the lower temps in winter would make it clog more than usual. The only solution I found was to add more water to the gum to stop it getting so thick. Might be worth a try.

It was more than a little blue buildup - the hoses were solid blue and you couldn't even see any liquid moving through.

I clean the filter every time I change the gum jug (monthly), and lately I've been cleaning the filter weekly to try to stay ahead of it. It seems like it was getting clogged more than it used to, but I'm thinking cleaning out the hoses may help that now. No slipsheets to worry about - it's a manual feed.

I'll make a note of the date and check the hoses periodically to see how long before they start clogging up again. The extra water's a good idea, too.

Recently had to include this in our maintenance procedures.

Running Fuji here, we had a nasty backup from the same crap you are talking about.


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