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Azura processor thinks there's a plate, but there's not!

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I'm getting an intermittent problem with my Azura gummer - it thinks there's a plate being fed even when there's not. If I shut it off and unplug it for a minute, it resets but the next time it runs a jog cycle it happens again. Also, when I run a cleaning cycle (when it flushes water for 5 minutes) it stops about 1 minute into it because it thinks a plate is stuck. Again, no plate is even in there.

Any ideas on what I should check? I'm guessing it's a sensor issue. I'm not terribly concerned since we're shutting down the shop in a month, but in the meantime it is annoying.

On mine there is a little black flip switch type thing at the end of the bridge between the platesetter and the processor.  When the plate hits it it goes down and starts my processor.  Over years gum had gotten on it and it stuck in the down position instead of it bouncing right up and that made the processor think it still had a plate.  Cleaned it with some warm water and all was good.

That would not explain why rebooting works for you so it might not be what you are experiencing but worth a shot.

On mine, it's not a switch - it's a  light-sensitive sensor so when the plate blocks the light it activates.

I have the C85 G&J Gum unit...this is a shot down the plate patch from bridge to sensor.  The blue in the background is the first roller and the black "thingy" can be seen in the middle. There is also what appears to be a light sensor as well that this drops down next to.

Not sounding like we have the same on.

Stupid question, but we have the C95. If we accidentally trip the light sensor prior to a plate being released by the imagesetter, it won't eject and cause a plate jam thinking there is already a plate in the way. Any chance the light sensor is malfunctioning? I did have to replace one on our old (preAzura) unit.


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