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Would there happen to be a set of video walk throughs or similar for Apogee Prepress? We've gotten a quote for training, since neither I nor my partner in crime know anything about it, which the owner is more than willing to pay. We simply don't have the time to be down for 3 days to be trained on all the ins and outs of it. So if instead I could sit at home with my iPad and go through some stuff at night that would be wonderful!

A bit late for this post, but we are in the process of getting ready to upgrade to Apogee 8. The webinar instructor guided us to this link for tutorials on Apogee Impose. It has information on the rest of the suite as well.

I'm pretty familiar with it, but I don't think there are any videos for training. AGFA probably doesn't want something like that getting around, because they want you to have to use their services and training. Once you get used to it, it's not all that hard. THere is just a lot of it to learn. One thing about it I will say, it's very convoluted and complicated. There are so many things you have to do on set-up and so many things you have to know where to look, it's almost a lost cause without some sort of training. I did do the week in Wilmington, and I will say, I learned a lot about it. But nothing compared to what I leaned on the job and running tests.

If you need any questions answered, I would be more than willing to help in any way I can. Matter of fact, if you can think of a series of questions, and/or processes you need to learn to get going, I can help you through it. Once you get your head wrapped around it, it's all pretty simple.

What version are you running?


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