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Harlequin RIP with Palladio platesetter

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--- Quote from: DigiCorn on November 19, 2012, 01:56:35 PM ---
I'm thinking it's a RIP issue. That combined with a little operator error. He says the CMY are elongated but the K and spot plates are fine. Unless the spot angle is truly unique from the CMY angles, that would mean his K and PMS are the same angle. Personally, I run my PMS and Cyan both at 15, K at 45, M at 75 and Y at 0. If he was printing K and PMS at the same angle, he couldn't run duotones because then he'd be printing dot directly atop dot... but I don't know the guy - he could be an idiot.

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or a designer....
I always run spots at C for the same reason.
He has a page setup error or something on the RIP

He IS running both Black and PMS at 45 degrees, and says he doesn't have any trouble with 2-color or duotone work. He's not using Print Drive, but he does see a 1-bit preview, and says the dot looks elongated in the preview.

does he have it set for round dot in the screening or eliptical?

good question. I'll ask. I know nothing about the Harlequin.

He was doing eliptical screening, but is going to switch to round.

He finally called Agfa in (thank God). Turns out, as I originally thought, laser was out of focus.

I had also mentioned to him that he might have to get into the menu on the Palladio to tell it the laser intensity is higher. It can't be done in the menu - you have to change something on one of the boards.


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