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LINES ON ALL JOBS avantra 44

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We have this problem with our avantra where jobs come out with lines 1mm apart. recently we had to change the pci card on the computer as it was sending only the file size and jo name to the imagesetter. once we bought a new usb apis interface we can now send jobs to the imagesetter but the jobs come out with lines aS though there is a back ground on the job.internal test print on the machine come out well with no lines.
Could the DEC board also was faulty as now all our diagnosis is heading to that board.
we use harlequin and we ahve also teted sending jobs with apogee and the results are the same.

could any have experianced this as we are not sure about the DEC board

any help appreciated

When was the last time you cleaned the optics?

We had that happen with our Fuji (Screen) platesetter several years ago - fine lines spaced evenly apart thru the image. Turns out that the cleaner hit the connection at the platesetter from the Gateway PC and knocked the cable connector partly out of the input socket. Check all of your connections at both the PC & platesetter ends, esp if you have replaced any boards or have unplugged any SCSI or ethernet cables.


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When was the last time you cleaned the optics?

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Yes, this is my first thought, when we had an Avantra44 I used to need to (carefully) clean the optics regularly.
The spinning-prism-mirror-thingy? It's been a while...

Fine, sharp lines are usually hardware/software glitch. Dirty optics will typically result in soft anomalies or problems with diodes from the machine having to run at higher power to burn through the crud.


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