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No not an expired pressman :D but a problem I can't get the answer to anywhere else but here...

ApogeeX (v 2 so quite old really) running Palladio 30 and an old 7600 Epson inkjet proofer shown in the TPs as Sherpa. Anyhoo the printer squirted its last picolitre of the worlds most expensive liquid the other day. So we connected a newer Epson 7800, it shows up in the parameter sets and indeed it shows up in the workflow as one of the printer options.

However that's where the story there's no further progress. On checking the error report log, the message is that the network printer is unreachable (however it can be seen on the network and I can send files to the EFI Hotfolder that do run successfully) the sidebar printer icon then changes status to Offline.

I've gone through the parameter sets and cannot see where to alter where Apogee looks for the printer.

As usual the answer must be staring me in the face but I'm struggling with the logic.

Any assistance appreciated before I go insane.


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Any assistance appreciated before I go insane.

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You already got out of printing...I think you're on the right track.  :hello:

Nooooo! I'm still in the rat-trap Gnubler :(

A job is a job and I'm grateful to be in gainful employment even if it means I can't keep away from the prepress side of things...

hang on though the sun is shining and I finish at 4.30 on a Friday, plus I got my weekends this heaven miss?

I don't know how Apogee works, but Rampage just points at a hot folder; there's no determination as to the status of the proofer. However, with EFI if you can set up a hot folder it will just work. So you're saying Apogee doesn't see the Paladio? Because I don't understand Apogee if it sees the Epson offline - to me it shouldn't matter.

If it's the Paladio, again Apogee is different, but with Rampage you have to take the app modules offline and run a scan within the RIP software. Once it sees the platemaker, turn the app modules back on and go to the Rampage interface and then select the platemaker off the list and set your parameters.

Hey Eyetech, have you checked the configuration settings in the System Overview? You have to be an Admin to do it, but there is a place that points X to the printer.


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