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Who here has Apogee? We talked to the former head of Rampage today and there will be nothing continuing in the Rampage line. The boss really like Agfa, so he wants to go to Apogee instead of XMF (Prinergy is way out of our price range, and in all honesty, Rampage was perfect for a small shop - anything else is really overkill), but I really don't know anything about it. Looking for any helpful information as to why Apogee might be better or worse than XMF.

When we priced out workflows Apogee was the most expensive. Followed by Dalim, Prinergy, Heidelberg Prinect, XMF, and Rampage in that order. You might want to check out Sierra 5 Adobe PDF Workflow which is a re-badged XMF distributed by Xitron. It has almost all of the features of XMF at a lower cost. It is what Earendil uses.

I ran Apogee for 2.5 years. It was pretty solid, just seemed a little less user friendly than Prinergy, which I had just come off of. Can't say how it compared price-wise.

Never used XMF, so no help there. I can say that I'm running Nexus right now and I'd rather be on Apogee.

I forgot about Sierra.

Agreed with Joe, AGFA was stupid expensive and we used that in order for Kodak to knock their price down.



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