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Rampage v13 & Tekgraf DoubleProofer...

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Hey all,

so we finally switched over to our V13 Rampage box... things are running OK so far--however... found out when trying to set up the DoubleProofer that... *drum roll*...

the "DoubleProof Manager" software that communicates with the HP is only compatible with Windows 2K... and Rampage V13 comes on a Windows 7 workstation...


so... my next course of action is: would it be possible to repurpose one of the old Rampage boxes running Win2K to drive the DoubleProofer? i.e. the print/proof queue is still on the 13 box, but instead of sending directly to the DoubleProofer, it funnels through the 2K box, which drives the "DoubleProof Manager" software?

headache. i need a drink already.

was the DoubleProof Manager a separate software application? (non-rampage?)
We 'used to' run a doubleproofer with Rampage RPD (RamProofDirect) - so I have no experience with the actual DP Manager we didn't need it.
Does the software take data in from a hot-folder....if so, I think you should be able to install/share it from any W2K pc and have Rampage drop ps,tiff,rtl...etc to it?

the "DoubleProof Manager" software was a small proprietary application from Tekgraf (don't think they'll be releasing any updates for it anytime soon... or EVER.)

all it is basically is an automated print queue manager, on top of the windows print queue, that communicates with the HP when it's printed one side to: unload the paper, reload the sheet, and then automate through all the loading prompts on the printer. so a BASIC piece of software, but without it -- the DoubleProofer is rendered useless and reduces the HP back down to just a standard plotter.

I'm hoping to re-purpose the old Win2k box to run that software and control the printer and then share it through the network... it's gotta work, right?

As long as you can share a directory on the W2K machine and map it on your Rampage Win7 box to send your output files to (assuming you had used a Ramproof PS or Tiff out profile from rampage) should work as before. I know sharing directories on Win7 so W2K can see them can be 'tricky' at best, but the other direction 'should' work???

It's tricky to get Win 7 to see W2K shares too but it can be done with a registry hack.


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