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Rampage 10.4 New user help??

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For reorders re-prints how do I get my folder in queue so my FPO and Sigs are already in place and ready to plate?

do I have to re-rip the pdf and sig?

if so what if the file had been edited in the trap... how would I know?

I was -quickly- taught rampage I have been messing around with it for about a week now.
any advice or cure to my issues.

I think DigiCorn is versed in Rampage. He is a regular but must have the day off or something. Hang in there.

I'm thinking back about a year, to a time that I would rather forget, but no, nothing needs to be re-ripped.
You probably have at least two servers. One is the job server that you use to work the jobs, the other is for Rampage. You may have a more extensive network, but these two servers are the only ones that matter here.

Hopefully your archive system (the job and the following stuff on DVD, probably) saved the profiles.
1. Copy the job onto your job server, just in case something is different.

Now to the Rampage server.
2. Load those profiles on the Rampage server in their proper place. You may have to do a "find" to find these folders.

3. There should also be a folder called RSI data, and if I remember correctly, it's inside a folder called Rampage. This is the data that Rampage uses to make plates and proofs.

Load the RSI Data on the server with the other jobs. (You might want to look to see the name of a recent job that you did, and look at the list by date. That might help you find the correct folder, if you're not sure.)

4. When the RSI Data is all copied to that folder, make sure it's okay with everyone else who uses the Rampage server, whether they are sending proofs, plates, or just running pages. Get everyone to quit Rampage Client.

5. There is a pull-down menu on that server, and it's somewhere in the middle ... look for "Reconstruct Page List."

6. Reconstruct the page list. It asks you if you are SURE you want to do it. Yes, you do.

7. It will scroll through every job on the server and tell you when it's done and if there are errors. You will get more familiar with the error list. Still, there is nothing to fear. Pick a winner and move on.

8. Everybody wants back on the server. Let them know it's okay.

This might help a bit. And all the traps or special treatment is already done. Sometimes your profile will need an adjustment, like if your curves have changed. Just use the newest curves for your workflow if the old ones are no longer there.

I'm sure some things are missing, but hopefully this helps.

And welcome to the forum! See David for your first free margarita. :D

Good old Gut... nice info.

Welcome to the forums, Jarrigo. We'll try not to scare you off, but don't count on it. :evil:

Luckily, i could remember a lot of that without having flashbacks.

As always, this info is open to further scrutiny and revision. I used to do this just about every day around lunchtime, so what the pulldown menu was called and all that is lost to the same place as i stored multiplication tables and high school locker combinations from 35+years ago.

Those error messages, Jarrigo: They might ask you if you want to fix or delete things. Say yes; you probably can't get to them anyway.


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