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I attached a image showing a box that appears...
how do i fix this in rampage? its only on a few pages. it does some weird box print.
edit the trap how?- mixed, smart shadow? no clue..... Luminance? 

Please help

Did you register an .eps or a .pdf? If you used an .eps, go back and make a .pdf and RIP that instead. If you RIP'd a .pdf, what make and model .pdf? Try an X-1A. There's really not a way to fix that in Rampage unless you set all the touching areas to "knockout."

I ripped it as Single Page Rip and knocked out everything.
I tried a bunch of different ways to edit the trap.

not sure why its making a box like that only on a few pages and not all?

I will keep trying to edit it and figure it out.
I might even just try to edit that pdf and exchange that lil icon for one that did work and see what that does.

Open that file in Photoshop, and let Photoshop rasterize it. If that box goes away, it's a layering/transparency/flattening issue. The x-1a pdf should resolve it.

If you want, send me the file and let me play with it.

oh... you could also try turning off dual rasterization. It RIPs slightly slower (you probably won't notice), but it's more accurate.


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