Author Topic: Prinect Cockpit Discards Pantones  (Read 2264 times)

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Prinect Cockpit Discards Pantones
« on: July 13, 2015, 03:42:34 PM »
Running Ver 13 here, along with SignStation but this a distinctly Cockpit bug. I just finished a ganged postcard job, all imposed and ready to plate when I noticed one of the cards has an element on the front that was left as a Pantone, supposed to run 4/2 so I went back to the InDesign, convert the offending element to 4c. When I re-RIP it, Prinect converts the whole job to 4c, including the backs which were K & another PMS.

This happens intermittently, and the only solution is to destroy the job & redo it completely.  :death:
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