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Signa Station....any thoughts?

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Getting pricing and weighing all options on imposition software.  Just had a demo on Signa and was impressed but of course a demo and use in everyday prepress is something else.  Any advice?

We currently have Preps 5.3 running on 3 Mac Pro's but the time has come to move on to Preps 7 or look at something else like Signa or Metrix.

We run Heidelberg Prinect Pressroom Manager as well.

Oh boy, let me gather some thoughts. This is the first shop I've been at that uses it, came from a Preps background although I was only vaguely familiar with that, I'll try to throw some of the positives & negatives. We're running the latest version too, updated everything from prepress back to the Pressroom Manager also.

Great ....I will be looking forward to your next post!

In your "latest version" (13?) are you running the complete "Business Manager"
with the MIS for estimating and ticket writing interacting with Cockpit and SignsStation and Data Terminals?
I wouldn't mind getting in a chat about that complete workflow.
We are having major problems with SignaStation interacting and translating information coming from Business Manager.
Maybe it is just us - maybe not.
It would be great to hear of some other experiences with the full suite


Joe, I will remain mum on this subject. My silence speaks volumes.


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