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Apogee 9 apogee impose page numbering


We want to print 14 business cards together, all the same back, all the same colors, all the same qty. Do we need to make a different part for each business card, or can we renumber the pages in the imposition? We can renumber pages in saddle stitched jobs, but i'm wondering if the flat work style is just configured differently.

I haven't played with apogee in a long time but if it still uses preps I'd just set the impo as flat work to just have the backers on one side and then the varying fronts. Then load the runlist with the one common back and then the fronts.

At least that's what I do with preps and prinergy.

Thanks for the suggestion, but no, Apogee has its own imposition system now, and we're supposed to use it if we don't have an existing Preps template. We ended up just making a different part for each business card, using Apogee impose on it, then fixing the screwy imposition it came up with.


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