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harlequin rip driving digital color printer

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This may be a dumb question, and yeah, I am full of them sometimes.

But has anyone used the Harlequin rip to control and digital copier/press?

If we could use this rip with upgrade modules to drive our new (yet to be acquired) color printer. I mean it would have to have a controller that would allow step and repeat, cut and stack, curve manipulation for color etc. etc.

Right now on our bizhub 6500 we have the creo rip option and if we buy a new one and use the Harlequin rip to drive it, then we won't have to add the big expense of buying a new rip as the creo is pretty well out of date I would think.

I've contacted Xitron through email support and they are telling me it can be done.
They have forwarded the inquiry to sales.... be interesting to see what they come up with.

What will be interesting is seeing if the digital printer vendor will cooperate. I imagine there will have to be a little tweaking in the machine's software, and they might not like not being able to sell you a RIP.

Do let us know how this comes out. It's such a novel idea, but it may catch on. May cause some high and mighty digital vendors to get a little scared.

Okay, forget I said it, don't wanna be snuffed out over this.


We won't be doing this.

:drunk3: :drunk3: :drunk3: :drunk3:

Don't want Canon coming after me with a cannon


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