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Avantra 44 wavy Line across film output

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We are using an avantra 44s and just recently there is a line imaged in the film. See attached photos.  it is fairly straight by under magnification it appears to be wavy and gets erratic at the end of the film. It is not a scratch there is no mark on the emulsion of the film.  Any ideas what would be causing this?

Is the line supposed to be there, just it gets wavy at some point? I know when we did film we had to make sure we walked softly by when it was imaging as it was vern sensitive to the vibration and lines would go wavey. It would not add lines though, it would only effect what was being imaged.

No the line is not supposed to be there. I can run the same file multiple times and the line will move locations.  Has to be something with the laser and travel and blocking the path.

Solved!!!!  I removed the brushes that enclose the laser, and on one of the brushes was a 2.5" long hair. This hair presumably from the brush itself, was being dragged across the film and blocking the laser beam hitting the film causing the line.  Now we have some pinholes in the film due to the opening up drum unit.  Hopefully the vacuum system will get rid of the dust eventually.  But at least there is no line on the film.

I'm still getting over the film part. Where do you get your film? There can't be too much left out there. I know you can still buy 35mm film thanks to hipsters but I'd think print film would be scarce.

Please don't let my boss know. I'll never get a new platesetter if he knew someone is still running film.


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