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Yeah, 80k is entry price CTP, no workflow. Try double, and then some, for a good refurb, with loader, stacker and a decent workflow.

I used to run an Avalon N8, which was a Screen device. It was very nice. We got that (new), the gummer unit (AzuraTS plates) and the Apogee workflow for around $150k about 6 or 7 years ago.

The Screen units are good workhorses. Thermal diodes are relatively cheap, if they do fail, and very little maintenance. I get 100+ plates per day out of my 8-up with no problems.

Exactly what I was thinking. I'm pretty sure we got the prinergy EVO for a steal back when Kodak was in deep shit. We asked AFGA to get close to Kodak's price and they laughed.

I still think even with all the discounts and drop in plate price the $80k is a bit high. I think the last used platesetter we saw was 15-20k.  It probably didn't come with a TIFF catcher but I think I can get one for under $60k.

I still have to deal with the old system and needing to upgrade all the computers in house but with the other interest the boss has I might be able to swing that.

Thanks for all the info guys.


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