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So I'm contemplating a change from preps, currently on 7 but I have had a few issues with some pdfs created out of preps (see other threads if interested) and given that its about $600 US to update to 8 and the issues will still remain I see very little point.
Not to mention the complete lack of technical help available for those of us who have the standalone version and are not using Prinergy. (Been told by the country supplier that unless you have a service contract with them they wont even answer emailed technical questions, thats kodak for ya).
We also now only have the smaller presses so dont often have the complicated impos we used to have with the A2.

I've pretty much decided that there might be better options out there to investigate... which is nice as that was never an option when we first started with preps, many years ago... well except dynostrip and that one sucked bigtime.
So i would like some opinions from the community... anyone out there using other options?

Imposition studio is one i am looking at... they have a really good fully functioning demo so I have been able to trial a few files and so far so good (i.e the issue I have out of preps does NOT happen!), cost is pretty low but i have no idea of support? (think I will email them and see how they respond to queries). I havent even found any forums for it but It looks like it will do the things I want from what I have looked at.

Imposititon Wizard: I have yet to look at that one.

Quite Imposing: I used this a few years ago but it was pretty clunky and I dont think it will do what I want... but I have not looked at the latest version so I dont really know.

I think I would prefer a standalone software rather than an acrobat plugin

so any ideas people?

I was using Imposition Studio for just under a year, it was a reasonably priced stopgap until we committed to XMF, but it was far from ideal for our 4up press. Yes, it does templates & has some of the "big boy" features it was just overall cumbersome but it got things done & was miles above manually imposing everything in InDesign.

Case in point: I had to make special Actions in Pitstop to post-process its Imposed PDFs, as it was making the final sheet-sized files larger due to the side guides. Oh, and it wouldn't let me specify which edge was the gripper. It may be fine for digital work and small presses, and there's nothing else I found in the same price that had the features it does.

Support: I only emailed a few times, they were responsive but a little "Oh, we're planning that in an update" when I asked about features or fixes. Don't think I saw more than one update in the tie we used it.

thanks slappy!
How long ago did you use it? I think they have got a fairly recent update, on version 5 now
Was it the offset version you used?
Im still trying to get my head around how to put on side lays etc

InDesign has an inexpensive imposition plug in maybe you can do a trial?
It works pretty good for Digital stuff, If that's what your doing.
One thing I don't like about it is it creates a pdf from the initial indesign file
I would rather use my orig pdf, so I relink to my orig.
I rarely use it, just for weird sizes if I'm in a hurry.

Most of my files are supplied as pdfs so I probably need a pdf imposition rather than indesign plugin.

Slappy: I see what you mean about creating a larger size when adding lay marks, thats a bit annoying!
This is gonna take a while to work through.. sigh...


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