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Aq Coating and Soft touch on same job

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We have a dog food package that previously had UV coating over the 4 color image that wraps in a 3 inch band around the box. The rest of the box is coated with soft-touch. UV did nothing for the image except add cost. The client has given the green light to use a gloss coating instead of the UV, along with the soft touch. Our 6 color Komori is only running with 5 good units. We generally use an aqueous coating which requires the pressroom to cut a blanket. I wish they'd move to another type of gloss coating that I can set a separation for and then burn a plate. Stock is 22pt.
How would YOU run a 4 color job with 2 coatings? If we got the 6th unit up to snuff, how do we run both coatings at once. Would Strike through work?
Remember, I'm the PREPRESS guy. I can suggest till I'm PMS 286 in the face. But I need some backing from experienced pressmen.
Thanks for any input -

You may be stuck doing the job in two passes if you are applying the AQ with a blanket. Normally we run ink + UV gloss flood (blanket) on the 1st pass and then use an overprint of Matte Varnish (soft touch) on the 2nd pass. The Matte Varnish is applied using a plate in the regular press ink train. That being said, there are gloss coatings that can be applied using plates in the ink train, but if you only have 5 units you're kind of screwed. I know that recently we have experimented with a gloss/matte coating combo in one pass but it takes specific coatings to do it and I can't remember which one is flood and which one is area-specific.

Thanks, I'll pass your info on to the powers that be (not found in the PP dept!)

mc hristel:
I'm not too familiar with all the different coatings we use here, and it doesn't help that our job tickets just list the coatings as a string of acronyms but what you are looking at is fairly common.

Generally what we do is run a gloss flood aqueous with the coater (blanket) and the dull applied via plate as a dispersion. Actually just had a job like this running on press and had the press guy explain a little bit about how it works. Spot dull goes on first, then the flood. As it dries the dull will start to show up through the flood until you have the dull and gloss as separate areas on the finished piece. It's a chemistry process, not a water/oil reaction so I'm not at all sure about the coatings/inks involved since, as you way we are prepress, not press operators.

i only came here for the soft touch, just to find out it was lame matte varnish...

ps never heard before what andyfest or mc hristel are suggesting, but given it a thought i would be really surprised if they ''produce'' the same optical impact as a normal 6 color press would make.

If you find that special coatings and try them please give us some feedback - along with your client ;-)  -


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