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mc hristel:
I'm looking to replace my old Apple TV :cane:  with something else. 

My old Apple TV has a limited number of apps for content (basically whatever Apple decides to add), so more variety would be nice. I have actually tried the newer 4th gen Apple TV, but that remote... Basically, after about 20 minutes of running through the setup and grabbing apps from the app store, I was fed up with the remote and had resorted to using my old one. After 30 minutes I boxed everything back up and back to the Apple store it went.

At this point I'm leaning towards a Roku, but with 7 or 8 different ones to choose from I'm not sure if spending some extra money for a higher end one would be worth it if the lower end/cost model would work just as well. I am also aware that there are other similar devices out there. Google has one and Amazon as well.

Anyone have any experience they'd care to share? Suggestions, comments? Thanks!

I have 4 Amazon FireTV boxes and one Amazon Cube. I like the cube because it is integrated with Alexa which is proving to be pretty darned handy. They have a good assortment of apps and it just works.

The latest FireTV does not have built in Ethernet. It requires a separate adapter if you want a wired connection. Costs $14.50 I think and I tried ordering one back in December but there was a 45 day wait for it so I canceled it and just used wireless which actually worked fine to my surprise.

I had one of the original Roku high end models and to be honest I just never cared for the interface. Looks a little cartoonish IMO.

So I have The FireTV boxes on all TV's and the Cube on my main TV. I also have a Google Chromecast device and I don't really care for it.

I have a few tvs with roku built in. I feared the minimal remote at first but now its my favorite thing. OS is responsive, plays well with my media server, and has a decent app library, also easy to cast to. Some features are buried way deep in the menus which is frustrating to find.

I had a chrome stick for a while, dont bother. Id buy another roku.

I went through several set top boxes before settling on the Roku. I bought a new smart tv that has most of my favorite apps built in, so I don't even really use it anymore, but of the various ones I tried out, the Roku was the best.

I just use the antenna on my house. My parents though have a newer Apple TV and like it, but I don't like theirs. The interface is awkward to me and I really don't like the remote. I've heard some really good things about the FireTV and Roku's from my coworkers though.


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