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Prinergy 8.1.2 for sale

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Very robust pringery system I acquired from my large plant closure.

Loaded system with fail over, insite, RBA and everything else under the sun.

Under service contract till 3/1/19

currently Up and running, Bargain @  30K

Inquiries or login: email

You should be very careful and read the EULA of the software.
You may find that the rights to use it are not transferable.

Typically you own the rights to use the software, but you do not own the software, so cannot transfer the ownership.
Bear in mind the new owner needs to take support and maybe maintenance. That may be denied.

There was a ruling about this in the European Union, but outside Europe you may find it is not yours to sell.

Be careful.

There are a few posts over at the GUA forum from people that have tried that and were not able to. Anyone that buys it would most likely not be able to get support or upgrades from Kodak without basically buying the whole system again from Kodak.

Joe and ABC are dead on. There are people though who will buy and take the chances. If you find one of those, make sure the wire transfer or check clears before delivery.

All will be disclosed should there be any interest.

This is still under service plan & my research indicates Kodak will require buyer to pay support for any lapse of time. So if it was off line for a year, you will be required to pay a years worth of support & sign new agreement. They will be happy to take your $$

The longer it is offline, the less it's worth. This one's a freshie! BTW we paid 140K for it so there is much value vs asking price.

Kodak's formula is if system cost 100K, your support based on 10 years of service will be an additional 100K!

12 years of being Creo/Kodak user, Kodak's service plan never bailed me out. These are reliable machines.

For this reason there are a surprising number of rogue systems out there.

There is risk in everything in life......


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