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Re: Working from Home / Coronavirus
« Reply #165 on: May 18, 2020, 05:17:45 PM »
We live in an older community, which is a semi-affluent part of Sacramento called Carmichael. The house across the street sold last year for upwards of $600,000 and the house next to it is values at over $850,000. Our home is probably just south of half a million.... and kind of across the street and next door is a duplex... the only one on the block. That's Carmichael for you - a million dollar home next door to a hovel.

Anyway, the $850,000 home is owned by a guy who runs a chop shop body shop and does high-end specialty add-ons to off-road vehicles. He has A SHITLOAD OF TOYS: a RV (tour bus sized), a dune buggy, speed boat, jet skis, golf carts, a lifted 4x4, a 5th wheel, a toy hauler, and other shit. He also feels the need to park them all over the street every weekend utilizing every available spare space of road for half a block. Fucking used to block half my driveway until I got pissed about it and called him on it.

Out of nowhere, last week, he decided to drag out a dirt bike I haven't seen (or heard) in 4 years of living here. At the same time, apparently one of the duplex renters hooked up with a guy with a chopper. Now, especially on weekends, fucking constantly I hear nothing but motorcycle engines revving. I can't fucking stand the sound. When I lived in the Bay Area, my house was between 4 guys that owned Harleys. All weekend long from sunup to sunset, revving... Can't they ever get them tuned right? They have to constantly work on them... It may have cost me my first marriage - the fucking revving makes me insane. Now I have to deal with it again.
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