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Tiled PDF of impositions out of Prinergy


I seem to be having a brain fart, it it possible to write a tiled PDF of impositions out of prinergy?

We have a new Fiery Proofer driver and have replaced kps.

We only have a 24" proofer but impostions can be 74" wide by 45.5" tall.



According to the Preps user guide it should still be possible. See attached from the user guide.

Thanks Joe,

I think I can get Prinergy to write pdfs as I need them and send to the Fiery. I will not always need the entire flat. We run the press sigs as either 2 on or 2 up, when 2 up I would just need 1 tile.

I can tell the Fiery to output by trim box, I am testing more this week. In initial test, the trim box would work.

Most customers we can just send pages, one customer needs to see the color bar on the proof for some reason.

I did not want to go back to preps and make second imposition.

Joe: your post wrong the first time or just thought you were talking about Preps. From that screen grab you included I think you are on the right track with the cut sheet width at 24". Have you tried adding values under the "Placement" headings. For example 23" in the "Shift along width" setting for your second proof? And then 46" in the same setting for the third proof etc...? I've never tried it before but it looks like it might work.

Thanks Joe, I'll play with that.


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