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--- Quote from: RMPrepress on October 21, 2020, 10:24:57 AM ---Same here...Kodak has finally gone into beta mode for Prinergy 9.
Probably see release in early December.
It will be 64bit compatible for Catalina and Big Sur

--- End quote ---

They went into beta on 8.5 about 6 months ago and it was supposed to support Catalina. Now they have scrapped 8.5 entirely and went to beta for 9.0 to support both Catalina and Big Sur. I would be shocked to see a public release on 9 this year.

Yeah you are probably right Joe...This was posted on the GUA site on Oct 1st....

Prinergy 9 beta starts today
10-01-2020, 01:56 PM

Great news everyone as the Prinergy 9 beta started today and will last about 8 weeks. Prinergy 9 is a major software release with full support for Mac OS 10.15 and 11 (Big Sur). Some highlights for Prinergy 9 are:

APPE 5.4 that is 64 bit. (New complex job mode handling)
Updated PDF libraries
VPS+ for Mac OS 10.15 and 11 (Big Sur) and 64bit native. This is in addition to the current VPS product.
Callas 11
Prinergy Cloud 1.5.1 with new job dashboards, Plate and ink usage, and updated decision analytics.
ColorFlow 9 with full extended gamut support and X-Rite i1Pro 3 support
ColorFlow Measure edition
Preps 9 with support for Mac OS 10.15 and 11 (Big Sur) 64bit native.
Windows 2019
Oracle 19 upgrade
Over 24 bug fixes
Managed services installer

All beta slots are filled so stay tuned for screen grabs and updates coming soon.

Michael Bialko
Product Manager
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We were asked to beta test 9 but declined due to the heavy workload we are in now. I've beta tested for both Prinergy and Insite and they usually have work to complete after the beta cycle ends so there is some delay between it ending and the actual release date. We've held off upgrading Macs for over a year now because new Macs come with Catalina. So the sooner the better for it to be released. We're going to have to have Kodak upgrade us from Windows Server 2012 R2 to either 2016 R2 or 2019 as 9 is not going to run on Windows Server 2012 R2.

We have done Kodak InSite beta's for 9 and 9.1...good experience both times.

OUCH...I did not realize Prinergy 9 would not run on Windows Server 2012.
Our Prinergy Server will be 4 years old this December and it runs great, zero complaints but it is running 2012 R2
Looks like I will be installing 2016 or 2019 soon...I will be calling Kodak too!!

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