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Navigator V10 Log Files

Anybody using this antiquated POS that knows if there are readable log files for jobs RIP'd, that show which queue were used? Think I'm getting shafted on a spoiled job that was sent to an uncoated queue that ran coated & came out looking - well, less than stellar.
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Re: Navigator V10 Log Files

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No idea on the Navigator side but on Mac or Windows you could take a look at the Console log on the Mac or Event Viewer on Windows and see if it shows files being copied to which folder. Assuming different queues use different folders.
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Re: Navigator V10 Log Files

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I think I found the folder, it's XLS files & some .it8 then the TIFs but I can't decipher anything about queue info. I'll try to find the Serial# for the dongle & email Support.
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