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Trouble with InD VDP

Been using Indesign VDP forever. Now whenever i insert a numeric data field (csv file) it places a QR code of the digits, instead of the actual digits. Tried from a new blank document and it does the same. HELP!

Re: Trouble with InD VDP

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something to do with csv files. if i use an old one from the previous run, i get qr codes. If i create a new csv, it works fine..

Re: Trouble with InD VDP

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Sounds weird. Can you see any difference at all in the two .csv files?
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Re: Trouble with InD VDP

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Something to do with the number of digits, and it's triggering a QR code result? Weird, toss the CSV file out have some other folks test it?
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Re: Trouble with InD VDP

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Could also be with how the field in Excel is formatted. Select the field(s) or column and change it to just text and see if that fixes it. I haven't done much with InD's merging, we do most in Fusion Pro.
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Re: Trouble with InD VDP

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trying saving your excel file as a tab delimited text file?

Re: Trouble with InD VDP

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It's not something dumb like a font, right?
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Re: Trouble with InD VDP

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no. i even changed the column headers on the old file. im going to look into it tomorrow as its the usual fucking monday rush.

i didnt even know InD did QR codes autmoatically