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Started by Tracy, October 05, 2021, 01:48:54 PM

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does anyone know how to change the document size so everything stays at the top?
instead of centering? I have so much work into this job with Master Pages and dies.
tax payer money being used for the most ridiculous looking book of hundreds of tabs, in so many directions!  :laugh:
so anyway now they want to change 150 of the pages to a height of 7.5 from 7.25 yay! :laugh:

hmm I may have figured it out using the page tool, have to select all the pages and then resize
and then select all the master pages and then resize

Page tool did the trick, I have never used it before!


page tool

use it all the time
you can also do all pages or partial pages by shift clicking and selecting the pages in the page palette

don't forget to set the page setup to match what you do with the page tool
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Thanks David!
not sure why but the first time I tried everything centered
just did it again all is good!!


except for the fact now I don't have enough bleed for those 150 pages!!
I will fix it, thankfully it's all the same bleed