In Need Of A Dongle or Some Advice

Started by Calacos, August 22, 2012, 03:16:44 PM

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I recently purchased a 2003 Heidelberg Prosetter system it came with a Autoloader Cassette tray and an Agfa Ultra 68 Processor and equiped with Meta Dimension V 5.2 after completing the deal and having had outlined what was included (RIP was included) the seller kept the dongle and is now using it on his new Suprasetter long story short I need a Dongle but don't know what my options are and I really don't want to buy new from Heidelberg any help would be greatly appreciated


You need the dongle for the RIP? That's going to be tricky. Unless you can find someone who has the same RIP with a compatible dongle, you might be out of luck. My old shop did have a Heidelberg system they are no longer using, and I think we were required to ship the dongle back to them once we ceased using their system... new ownership over there and I'm pretty tight with them; when i get a chance, I'll have to give them a call and see if I can poke around and come up with anything, if it's even still around there. I'd be the only one who knows they have it. They'd probably want some $$$ for it, so what's it worth to you (be sure to include my finders fee)?
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Shouldn't be that tricky, but it might not be cheap either. You probably don't need a dongle to run the rip but you do need the licenses that the dongle contains in order to produce the 1-bit tiffs for the platesetter.

Not really many, if any (legal) ways to get around tiff licensing. You probably need to purchase a dongle with licenses.
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I know our dongles are tied to specific license codes. They need to both match or you're SOL.

I'd go back to the seller and ask him for it. Tell him the RIP is a paper weight without it. If he says it's not and a dongle isn't required, tell him he must "not need it either" and ask for it back.

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Ditto to the last 2 posts. You got ripped off if they didn't include the necessary dongle for the hardware they sold you.
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I have seen this before. A lot of used platesetters include things like conveyers and auto loaders for a pretty screaming price. A lot of them also list extras like a RIP wit a PC box (usually light rips like Harlequins). These don't normally come with licenses and are basically worthless. We have bid on platesetter packages and I tried to knock some duckets off based on not needing any of the RIP stuff and the salesman told me he might take $1000 off but that the RIP listed wasn't really worth much. So you probably didn't get ripped off, just mislead about the software end of it.
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