Signa Station Impo for Calendars

Started by Slappy, March 12, 2014, 10:27:40 AM

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I thought there was a default impo for making calendars in Signa, but can't find one. I really don't want to do this pos manually by importing it all into InDesign, anybody help a brutha out?

We're on Version 13 too.
A little diddie 'bout black 'n cyan...two reflective colors doin' the best they can.


Ha, nm - found one in our Archives!  :banana:
A little diddie 'bout black 'n cyan...two reflective colors doin' the best they can.


I'd help you out by saying get something other than Signa Station for stripping.
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As if I had a choice? I looked at countless digital impo apps when I first got here to try & make it easier/more efficient. Gave up on that effort a few months in though.
A little diddie 'bout black 'n cyan...two reflective colors doin' the best they can.



You crack me up. You used the original Signastation what, over 10 years ago before it was completely rewritten and still bad rap the sw. How was Indesign version 1 or was ID even out back then? I think you probably use ID daily now, Signa has come a long ways since inception back in 1983. Funny, Signa Station was the first imposition station with dynamic marks. Signa was the first with stacked color bars so you did not need to have a template for a 2 color, 4 color,  6 color or 8 color bar, it selects the proper color bar based on the colors in the PDF. Signa was changed to base impo on the fold, making changes simple and not having to restrip from scratch.  Signa was integrated within Prepress Manager so you did not have to jump back out of Prepress Manager to a standalone impo program and keep exporting back. Fully integrated, but then you did not have Prepress Manager software either. But your knowledge is ancient  prior to any of these capabilities yet you continue to bad rap it based on very old software knowledge. Damn, how you doing with Quark Express version 1? And how do you like DOS 3.2 ? If you had seen the changes, you would be blown away but you are living in the past. If you have no clue how much better software can be a 10 versions later, then perhaps you should not comment. What was that Jethro Tull song, oh yea, Living in the Past.
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