Letterpress Items Wanted

Started by Lammy, May 22, 2020, 10:23:26 AM

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Aside from being a prepress monkey during the day, my hobby/side gig is letterpress printing.
Part of this is the desire to rescue/ preserve antique printing items that would go to scrap.
I know a lot of this stuff can go to museums and there's even a few printing specific museums, but most of the time
items just end up for display and never get used again.
My ultimate goal is to open a community print/art studio for public use. There's a local college that has a book arts program
that is all letterpress based that I think can help drive this.

So ultimately what I'm asking here is IF you are in a shop with some old items taking up space, before they go into a dumpster please reach out and see if it's something I can save and put to use.


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Brings back good memories of guys I worked with, who ran these kind of machines ... if you could run a Kluge, it was like it MADE YOU a great dude to work with!  :cane:


I sure miss our Kluge. I always claimed it as my tornado shelter in case we got blown away.
Tall tree, short ropes, fix stupid.


I have some wood/metal type and a case, also a litho stone with it's last jobs still showing both sides. I love and display them though.
Good on-ya reaching out to save what's left, so much was tossed in the bin years ago.
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