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Started by Foozball, May 12, 2021, 05:37:53 AM

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Who has replaced a battery before in a MacBook Pro before?
Is it easy, do you have steps or a guide?


Corporate and our Agency are breaking up (it's been coming for a while) ... and when I asked management about our Macs (2nd machine), "apparently" leaving them with us was part of the deal, but our IT department will NOT support Mac.
I asked our IT team about my annoying (0%) battery and they replied it was my responsibility to go to a Mac store, they won't pay either.

So basically, once I replace the battery the Mac will become MINE! It's been a few years since I had an actual Mac but getting one for free is SWEET!  :banana:


Depending on the model, it could be really easy. I have followed the guides at iFixIt before. Here is a link to one of there guides.
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be careful.
It is dependent on the model. Some have what is known as a "non-user replaceable" battery.
Even though you can do it, just a couple of screws, unplug old battery, plug in new battery, put back the screws, voila.

I did mine and found out afterword that you need to sync the new battery to the MacBook.
If not done correctly, you will suffer the SBBOD, the laptop will overheat, and you will likely have to have it fixed by a pro.
I got a new battery for 40 bucks off the internets, put it in and it booted fine. Thought I was good to go.
Shortly afterwords, started having problems. After about 6 months, I had to take it in, wouldn't run at all without getting the beachball for hours, and running so hot you couldn't put it in your lap.
Cost me 145 bucks to get a new battery installed by a pro and it hasn't missed a best since.

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That guide is AWESOME!
Thanks to you both for the insights ...

Annoying discover for the day - checked the Battery Cycles - total is 74, while standard is 1000 for this laptop's Battery to be finished! :banghead: