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Automated email processing
I have all the outgoing emails from an application also being sent to an internal email address in BCC. Now I am looking for some kind of a mail client that can automatically process those BCC emails and sent digest messages to various people. Some examples:
- If we sent out an order confirmation email to customer X, sent an email notification to sales person Y about this.
- If someone rejects an order (which also triggers an email), inform person Z that this happened.
- If we sent out account creation confirmations, send a daily or weekly digest to an admin on how many new users were added - with the email addresses of the new users in the body

I guess any email client with support for rules can do the easy stuff - like automatic forwarding. I am not aware of a mail client that has rules that can do some kind of digests. Since the mail client would only have to process mail based on rules, I can also imagine that there are systems that are better at managing a large set of rules or have more sophisticated rule sets. Anyone out there doing email processing like this? What tool do you use for it?
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Re: Automated email processing
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Anyone out there doing email processing like this? What tool do you use for it?

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Re: Automated email processing
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For digests, I would have a rule that sends those specific emails to a closed group (I.e. we use google apps, and I have google groups set for emailing departments....persons in those groups can subscribe as digest or every email...whatever)
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