Heidelberg Tango Drum Scanner

Started by DHG, December 21, 2021, 02:01:42 PM

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Vertical Drum-Scanner

The Heidelberg Tango is specially designed for high-resolution scans.
Vertical drum scanner obtains a very good sharpness and reaches a density up to 4.2. Even in dark ares the scanner recognizes slight nuances and is able to create an optimal depth effect.
The resolution is between 100 and 11000dpi. This means that pictures can be enlarged up to 3000%

Max useful scanning area is 450 x 480 mm (17.7" x 18.9")

Scan as RGB, LAB, or CMYK

Transmissive or Reflective Scanning

Comes with G3 Mac with software Linocolor 6.0.1 loaded

Mount Station

2 Scanning drums

Contact jgriffin@beyondprintsolutions.com for more information