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Started by Foozball, June 24, 2022, 12:16:21 PM

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Hey anyone have any recommended guides to photographic printing out of Photoshop?
Pretty sure I have a profile issue, but have downloaded all the standard software.

My excuses so far:
Haven't tried to print from Photoshop in 5+(?) years,
The software was different back when I was working with CS2 and my OS was WinXP.

A friend's son has started doing photography and his prints are really MEDIOCRE, while his photo work is impressive after only a year at it. And I have 2 Epson's sitting here, thanks to a Craigslist addiction about 10 years ago...


personally I hate trying to print out of photoshop. It's a pain, even on a good day.
I would bring the photos into a page layout app like Indesign or similar and print from there.

way more control over the output (like image size, paper size, paper type, etc.)

But, if it's all you have, It can be done. The first thing I would check to make the best prints, is to make sure your paper is for the printer you use. From my experience, Epson printers work way better if you use Epson paper, not just any paper. You will suffer ink pooling and just bad prints.
Then check the inks, are they expired/old, are they 3rd party inks? This will make a big difference in the color.

other than that, I would just do a bunch of prints with different settings, see which looks the best. I have had to do a adjustment curve in photoshop sometimes to get it to look better (as far as color) and you could also adjust the saturation depending on the paper you are printing on.

I would try to utilize some sort of "target" to match to, if you have a printed photo that you like, reprint it and try to match it

trial and error, lots of paper and time.

good luck
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I hate fiddling around with test prints like that. I'm so used to getting a good print the first time with our digital press at work. It's a real drag when I try to print on my home printer and have to do test prints to get okay results.

It's been forever since I've posted.  :o

I'm at a print shop now instead of a newspaper by the way. ;)


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good to "see" you around! 

good luck with the print shop gig!

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Glad you ended up at a print shop. Newspapers have been on the wane for a while now.
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