Imposition not printing actual size to proofer

Started by Lynne, December 23, 2019, 02:05:29 PM

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We have two proofers; one is used with photo matte paper for press matching, the other with bond roll paper for blueline folding of proofs.
When we print out an imposition to the blueline paper (printer 2), it prints actual size (all measurements vertically and horizontally are correct); when we print to the photo matte paper (printer 1) we are between 0.06 and 0.125 short on the VERTICAL measurement on overall sheet.

Any idea where to look for a setting which may be different between the two printers or is it something with the paper?

Thank you in advance.


I presume you're using EFI FieryXF? I haven't used the old interface, but on the previous GUI, it could be defaulted in an area to "Fit to Page," or could have other default specs set based on paper profile (i.e. convert spot colors, ignore spot colors, print at 99%, etc.) I would look through the paper profiles and see if you see something amiss like this.

It's also possible (I have never used Fuji XMF) that in the output profile that scaling is applied to one of the output settings. I know in Prinergy you can assign tasks to various profiles to have it do certain things (not overprint 0-0-0-0 for example).
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One way to check is to swap the paper to the two different printers. If you get the same results on each paper it is the paper. If the results are switched on the paper it is the printer. In that case...are the printers the same brand and model of printer?
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I would do as Joe suggested and swap papers first.
What software are you using to output the files?
I don't believe it is XMF because same file gives different results.
You may have different margins set up for the proofer.
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Sorry for the late response everyone.... thank you for your suggestions.

We actually had the installer from Fuji log-in and he kept tweaking some settings within the software that I think actually had to do with the thickness of the paper vs. the default setting and eventually after several adjustments he got it where it prints 100% now. Yes, swapping the paper to our second printer resulted in the same measurements, so we knew it was the paper itself and not the printer.

If anyone else has this, Fuji tech support should be able to help with tweaking the settings for the paper you are using to make it print at 100%.