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Automatic section subtitle

Started by Bakancsok, February 20, 2020, 04:13:57 AM

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How can I fix the name of one section automatically here?   :banghead:


In your management info don't select section
you can use operator text or select from the options

I don't do this but it looks like you can rename your section by right
clicking on your section and select Section Properties


The problem is, if you are on an arc of both sections, you write an "/" on the sheet. I'm not having a problem with manual naming, but with auto-captioning.


You set it on the sheet. You can also move the order of how they display.
Save it also as a quick preset so you. An apply easily.
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I try to explain once again:

We have two titles for example 2x56 pages in one job in different workflow, because we have to put to 2x8 pages in one sheet, so from this way we have to name it different management information.
1.title         2.title
2x16          2x16
1x8            1x8  ------> they comes in one sheet = 2x1x8
1x16          1x16

If we would like to use the section by name ( for example 1.title and 2.title ) at the management information we can't distinguished with it because the system use "/" = 1.title/2.title instead of 1.title      2.title.

How can we realize?


Ok I understand a bit better now.
You have to put custom text on the sheet.
I don't have xmf in front of me but there is a section where you can put custom text on the individual sheet.
One will do it for the complete job and the other for just that sheet.

From memory it is the section where you can add lines/ or custom rectangle/ square  boxes.

You can't polish a Turd, but you can roll it in glitter!