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XMF Problem

Started by Tracy, March 30, 2020, 12:40:10 PM

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I thought of doing something wrong to the processor, scares me every time I've had to redo the paste. But once the CPU has been over-heated, it will need new paste applied.

Look at it like this Tracy, if you power every thing down, which you have to do. Remove the heat sink (very easy job). And since the paste is toast (literally), it will come off very easy. Use some ISO-alcohol to remove what is left of the paste from the CPU and the heat sink. Dry, then apply a bit of the new paste and spread it around a bit and reapply heat sink. Simple.

And another possible saving grace, is that your computer is 6-7 years old, which means...if by chance you do mess up the CPU (which is a very slim chance, as long as you don't remove, and are gentle with it), you should be able to buy a new one very cheap. And then chalk this up to a learning experience.
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I will have to call someone in, I am working at home and won't be going back for a long time, I will post why shortly
Thanks for the info I am going to pass it on to my boss and have him bring someone in.
just came her to copy the tips to send to him!!
thanks guys!