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Marks in the work warning

Started by metromike, August 05, 2020, 09:03:06 AM

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Does/can xmƒ warn if marks are touching the work?

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marks in the pdf or XMF?

for xmf you can select avoid overlap in the margins settings (where it says auto margins etc..)
I guess this would only be a problem if you have an unusual layout, like a dutch cut or something.

I don't think it will let you know if there is marks in the work in a pdf, maybe in a preflight, not sure.


Preps will let you put marks over the work all day long  >:(
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I'm referring to the imposition.
We had a situation where a sheet size was changed which resulted in press sheet mark ended up in the live area.
Not talking about a pdf.


Yup, it throws up a warning for sure. (Screenshot attached)
If I'm 100000000% sure that it's a false error, I'll let it go - but it usually isn't wrong.

Caveat: We do have to place color bars and text marks over the top of "live" art occasionally, that's one instance it would warn & we ignore it.
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Does it warn you when you place a mark manually?

I've grabbed a template in the past that had a cross (fold mark for bindery) in the center of the sheet that accidentally got through proofing and plating then ran the whole job with a mark in the middle of the customer's artwork. We had to re-run the whole job. That was an expensive mistake. I don't remember seeing that warning, though that was a few versions of XMF ago (4 years ago I think).

Edit: I regularly get the warning about signature marks being placed off the sheet margins but we ignore that one. Sometimes I place text in the "live" artwork if its a full sheet impo already done in InDesign for example, a nested envelope layout, and I don't remember seeing that warning either.
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I'm pretty sure that it would, whether I notice the Warning or not though...

That's the problem, get used to ignoring the nonsense popups, so that when there's a legit one it just sails right past!
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So putting the mark in the center of the sheet, there was no margin there? Off center margins?
Not sure but I think XMF will put a mark and not warn.
I messed up (once)   :laugh: had a chop cut job with marks all around
thankfully cutter was able to deal with it.
bit of a bummer as you don't see them until you zoom in.


I know this has been an existing thread, and since it's XMF I've paid little attention to it, but tonight when I logged on, I misread it and thought it said "Masks in the work warning," thinking that someone posted that they got in trouble for wearing a mask at work. I was super pissed until I read the last post and then re-read the title of the thread.

But yes, if someone told me I couldn't wear a mask at work, then fuck that place.
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Thank you all for the input.
I do see now that it does warn you when you save in the imposition window.
Also tested if it warns if you go back in. It only warns you if you hit save in the impo window. If you hit cancel I do not believe it warns you.
Also, I have seen that if you are just saving the job after the impo it does not warn you.
Although the pink dialog with warning is different fro the pink dialog in the impo warnings.