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Pitstop 2018
by Joe
Today at 09:44:07 PM


Xmpie or Fusion Pro
by seratne
Today at 04:14:38 PM

Set Top Box purchase advice
by delooch
Today at 10:19:52 AM



New Windows 10 PC
by Joe
September 20, 2018, 01:51:50 PM

Illustrator for prepress.
by swampymarsh
September 18, 2018, 03:32:12 AM

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Enfocus / Re: Pitstop 2018
Last post by Joe -
I would just uncheck the boxes for those ICC profile things.

Also I wouldn't worry if preflight says they are X4 or not. I just use the X4 settings as a guide for making PDF's but then change the compression from jpeg (lossy) to zip (lossless). There are a lot of things that will make a PDF X4 non-compliant but if the files work for you I wouldn't go out of my way to make them compliant.
Enfocus / Re: Pitstop 2018
Last post by Tracy -
When I columbo it, it seems the X4 pdf I made actually isn't X4 compliant-weird cuz it's vector and text
and I didn't get an error out of indy

guess I'm not busy enough today none of this is urgent, just playing  :laugh:
Enfocus / Re: Pitstop 2018
Last post by Tracy -
When you separate pages in acro using Split, It removes the X4 on some files-not all
I was wondering about the Pitstop Preflight fix for this, see screen shot, concerned about anything
that would cause a problem, mostly at the bottom where it says Set ICC profile to and Set standard ICC
not sure if using that would change color?
Enfocus / Re: PitStop Action - create rectangle to trim box dimensions
Last post by Kermy812 -
I know this is old, but I have an action that will add a rectangle on a blank page, then use "change objects that are close to the page edge" set at 100 inches and will enlarge the rectangle to the trim box size. See attached. Is there anyway I can do this without adding a blank page at the beginning of the action or move the rectangle with the action to another page? I'm on PitStop 12... See attached.