Epson Sure Color 9000 Fat Type

Started by Tracy, February 24, 2023, 11:18:06 AM

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I'm pretty sure it's not the Printer, but I'm getting Fat type on the Proofs
I am not running through XMF at the moment and this may be the problem
Has anyone ever seen this and know of a solution? or why it's doing it?

Going home for the day so I will pick this back up on Monday
I have a call to Epson and they are asking me about a head alignment, but if it's only on 
the type why would I need an alignment?
On my 9600 I think Fuji had to do something to settings to not have fattened type.
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I s the file a pdf?
If so, is the type outlined?
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I believe that might be a resolution setting causing that.
We output proofs on our Epson SureColor P9000 at 720x720....BUT the Print Mode is at 720 x 1440 dpi/Super.
That is using Fiery XF 7.3 to send the proof to the Epson.
I know that when we did not have our resolution setting right in our process templates in Prinergy/Workshop
We would get the fat/ragged type thing happening on our Epson proofs.
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+1 on the live text/font vs. outlined text to paths.

Tracy, you would need to print from the Epson printer driver using comparable resolution settings for an "Apples to Apples" comparison. Also as the file would be RIPed, simply printing type/vectors from Acrobat Reader using the Epson driver wouldn't be enough.

I know that with CGS ORIS Color Tuner/Flex Pack – fat type is just "par for the course" with the APPE RIP, however, if using the ORIS RIP setting there are controls to counter this effect.

Rendering of type and thin lines (positive or negative) will always be a challenge when compared to the printed result from a plate setter, particularly at lower resolution commonly used in proofing production.


Ok goody I think I'm getting somewhere.
Yeah outlined text vs live text was the first thing I tried, they look the same.

since I'm not running through XMF, I think this is the problem, Is there another manager I can purchase?
My Boss doesn't want anything to do with Fuji, and I still have to check to see if the Server has the right driver
as I was told the driver for my server wasn't available but I found it.

I may be able to get the guy back in here who set up the proofer, but I would like to check out another option
for a manager to send to the 9000

Thanks for helping me :)

I have tried different resoultions with no difference, unless lowering the resolution will help  ;D


Are you printing single page proofs or imposed proofs?

The theory is to use the same RIP to make your proof file that makes your plate files. More likelihood the content will match. So even if you use something like EFI ColorProof you still have to get the content from your RIP to EFI. And getting to EFI via some method other than your RIP can be questionable.
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Yes, I'm in a conundrum right now, but I'm not making plates anymore
all our press printing is outside vendor, I still have to do layouts for outside vendors
and I was printing directly to my old proofer
but things got messed up when I got the 9000, I'm trying the best I can, but I had told my boss to get another 9600
so It's on him, he ordered the proofer so fast, before I could even check it out. other people were involved setting it up.
actually Joe, can you tell me how to check a PC to see If I have the correct driver? I see something wrong on the PC
I found the correct driver, and I'm not sure if the correct driver was ever installed, I actually see the 9600 selected on the PC, and the guy told me they didn't have the correct driver for my server, but you found it and then I got it.
but I need to know if the 9000 driver is installed, before I do anything, I mean it's already messed up, what harm could I do?  ;D


In Windows 2008 Server if you go to wherever it shows the installed printers you should be able to Right Click the printer and select Properties and it should show you the driver somewhere in that dialog what driver is being used for that printer.
Mac OS Monterey 12.4 | (retired)

The seven ages of man: spills, drills, thrills, bills, ills, pills and wills.