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Presstek 34DI

Started by Slappy, June 26, 2017, 08:21:31 AM

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Anybody still running one of these little monsters? We have one (that's the 13x18" Max sheet size) that's mostly for when the iGen is swamped, and for weird 4c envelope orders. Thing is, the Op recently told me he can't see previews on press any longer before he images plates, Since the plate image directly, if anything is out of whack, he doesn't know until he's pulling sheets. He said it used to give him previews on screen, but maybe an update or who knows what killed them.

Guess he can ask a tech, but it seems like the guy that comes in to service it every so often isn't familiar with the software side, not sure we even have a contact that would be honestly.
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I used to run the Heidi version and this was years ago. I vaguely remember it doing that from time to time. Not sure it's running the same software but we'd reboot the RIP and well as the workstation used to send it. I remembering it working but this was years ago and I could be deluded.

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Yeah, they both get restarted fairly often, I'll see if he's got a number for a front-end tech some place.
A little diddie 'bout black 'n cyan...two reflective colors doin' the best they can.