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Zero kb Fonts

We're having a problem with some fonts loosing their resource forks and showing as 0 kb. Is this a problem with the Mac OS or Windows Server 2008 OS? What are other shops doing? The few times this has happened in the past we just found a different flavor of the font that worked.

Right now, we have an InDesign CC 2014 file that the customer packaged for us with the fonts. On my OS X 10.8.5 machine, the font goes to 0 kb. On another mac with OS 10.6.8 the fonts are OK. But InDesign CC 2014 doesn't run on anything older than OS X 10.7. So the customer must be running at least OS X 10.7 and can get the fonts to work.

I know this has to do with some kind of resource forks getting lost mumbo jumbo. I'm not sure what to do about it or what to tell my boss and client.

Re: Zero kb Fonts

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Did the customer Package and compress everything? If so, you should be able to de-compress them on your updated OS and be fine, unless they were corrupt on the client's end before they were compressed.

From what I've seen, internally, when we moved from 10.5 up to 10.7 we had to compress all fonts "natively" on the 10.5 OS before bringing them forward to 10.7 otherwise they'd all be 0k also. It used to only be a problem moving them between Windows & Mac OS environments, but now between older Mac OS versions it's happening too.

Caveat: I'm sure there's a tech nerdy explanation but once they're corrupt that's it. Game over man!!!
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Re: Zero kb Fonts

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Well, one issue with compression is that some of the software has a hidden check box that says, "Preserve Macintosh fonts," and no one ever checks that box. Also, if were transferred to an smb device via afp, it will corrupt the font; you have to go afp-to-afp or smb-to-smb, but don't cross breed.

Make sure the Server has the Mac share turned on and that you're connected via the right protocol.
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Re: Zero kb Fonts

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Thanks for the responses. I tried uncompressing the .zip file with a different utility and all the fonts worked.  :death: