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Spelling Error After Print


Above screenshot is from a4 brochure printed without title (mistake by printer and it was in silver foil) and i found a little typo in below text "you're" should be "your", is there anyway to correct it with sticker ?

I am planning to print sticker with only title not whole text, so any suggestion how to correct the below spelling mistake?

what element should i use ? like bar , decoration etc...Confused


Re: Spelling Error After Print

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You can try stickers, but your best bet is to get it reprinted. Stickers are obvious, no matter how carefully applied. It just makes the job look tacky. If the printer left off the foil, they should reprint it at their cost anyway, and you can get the other error fixed then also with the cost of an additional plate.

Of course, if you're handling this job for somebody else and they don't mind, go with the stickers. 

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Re: Spelling Error After Print

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We had a similar thing recently and the cost of the stickers and paying someone to put them on was nearly the same as a reprint.
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Re: Spelling Error After Print

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We did too, but these were booklets, so they went with the stickers. It depends on several factors. One thing's for sure: a reprint will look better than stickers.
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