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Topic: 2018 Calendar template (Read 382 times) previous topic - next topic

2018 Calendar template

Does anyone have a decent yearly (1 page) 2018 calendar in portrait layout? 3 months across, 4 months down.

Can't seem to find a decent one on the web. Even for a cost.


Re: 2018 Calendar template

Reply #1
Soaky we had some credits and picked up a half decent one on shutterstock.

Re: 2018 Calendar template

Reply #2
Here is a changeable small calendar 3 months across and 4 down
I have to put one of these on a job every year.
It's an excel that I make a pdf from and edit in illy
I know you already got yours!
you just change the year at the top


Re: 2018 Calendar template

Reply #3
thanks, it might be better than the one I have. I will check it out later.

Re: 2018 Calendar template

Reply #4
Thanks Tracy!

Re: 2018 Calendar template

Reply #5
Your welcome, I also have those little calendars you put on a calendar
you know the previous and the next month little calendars.
I can dig em up if anyone ever needs em, they're indy linked text boxes
You do have to adjust each month separately tho, but just a backspace
or an enter will do it.