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Adobe Software Authentification...
Adobe is switching from serial numbers to online software authentication using registered email addresses (Adobe IDs for most) but our global corporation is using our corporate credentials... Gues who got caught in the mess last night with 3 hours left in my shift long after IT went home. Once word spread that prepress and shipping were down, the jobs that were waiting suddenly became must ship tonight... Adobe is the new  Quark/Microsoft/Apple/insert you favourite unreliable .&$%#^#*$*......

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Re: Adobe Software Authentification...
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We have a Team account and it has used email addresses for quite some time. It has been quite a while since we had serial numbers. Surprised this just now got you.
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Re: Adobe Software Authentification...
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IT says I have access, but no dice... They insist I must have upgraded something and set it off. (Nope, not something I'm paid to do)
but as I am contractually obligated to not complain about the corp. online... it must be Adobe's fault.
I am the only one in the studio to experience this so far and everthing ships through me and 1 co-worker...

Ohh look what's on Youtube...