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General Prepress / HOTMETAL - Contact Me
April 30, 2024, 02:21:07 PM
Hey it looks like you are trying to reset your password and can't because your email address in your account is no longer valid and you have no way of getting the email verification.

Send me your new email address to Joe at B4Print dot com.
Adobe InDesign / New InDesign feature
October 27, 2021, 07:52:15 PM
This is no joke. Adobe lists this as a new feature in the latest release of InDesign (which btw requires Mac OS Catalina or newer)...

Largest Bondholder Chatham Makes Offer to Acquire RR Donnelley for $7.50 per Share in Cash

Quote"Despite our efforts to engage with the board on ways to position the business for long-term success, we no longer have confidence in RRD's ability to achieve full and fair value as a public company under the current board and management team," Chatham Asset Management noted in a prepared statement.
Is there such a thing out there yet? As the resident crash test dummy I installed Big Sur on my Mac and I think I have everything working except the XMF client which doesn't give me any errors. It just won't launch.
Enfocus / Pitstop 2020 Action sorting
November 04, 2020, 11:40:19 AM
Somewhere along the Pitstop upgrade path in the last 2 or 3 versions my actions got sorted to some ridiculous order and I can't find a way to resort them. Any way to do this? Like maybe alpha-numerically? Or something that makes a little bit of sense?
Macintosh / Macs label HP printer drivers as malware
October 26, 2020, 07:41:53 AM
Macs label HP printer drivers as malware, breaks printing for some

We ran into this issue at work last Friday. We couldn't print to any of our HP Printers from Mac OS X Mojave or Catalina. We have one HP printer that is new enough to be able to install it with AirPrint so we can now print to one printer but none of our other HP Printers from our Macs (Mojave and Catalina). Might be time to move on from HP Printers.
Kodak Systems / Prinergy 9 Catalina and Big Sur macOS11
October 21, 2020, 08:29:27 AM
Quote from: RMPrepress on October 21, 2020, 08:24:57 AM
Same here...Kodak has finally gone into beta mode for Prinergy 9.
Probably see release in early December.
It will be 64bit compatible for Catalina and Big Sur

They went into beta on 8.5 about 6 months ago and it was supposed to support Catalina. Now they have scrapped 8.5 entirely and went to beta for 9.0 to support both Catalina and Big Sur. I would be shocked to see a public release on 9 this year.
General Prepress / ManRoland Rotoman Web Press
April 30, 2020, 11:33:04 AM
Anyone here running a press like this where you work? We are having a "new to us" one installed and they are about ready to fire it up and we need the files that are supposed to be added to to the plates for its registration system. All I know is it is small diamonds that have to be a certain size (unknown) and spaced a certain distance apart (unknown) and in a certain order (unknown). I kid you not that was the same info I was given so I guess my question anyone running a ManRoland press with diamonds for the registration system?
General Prepress / Matt Beals
February 24, 2020, 10:06:36 PM
It is with great sadness to learn of the passing of Matt Beals on February 15, 2020. May he rest in peace.
Adobe InDesign / Place multi-page PDF script
August 23, 2019, 01:47:37 PM
Does anyone have this script that will run on the latest version of InDesign? I swear I had one but I guess not. The one that comes with InDesign sucks. All I can find online is one for CS5 that does not work in the current version.
General Prepress / Winmail.dat attachments
August 22, 2019, 01:08:02 PM
Ever get these on your Mac? This site can convert them to what they are supposed to be:
Adobe warning of legal problems if subscribers keep using old versions of Creative Cloud apps

Apparently Adobe has been screwing over their 3rd party vendors by not reporting and misreporting data for creative cloud and either under-paying or not paying at all. Dolby is suing their pants off over it which is why Adobe is now trying to force people to not use apps older than 2 versions in Creative Cloud.

QuoteAccording to Dolby's legal filing, this agreement was subject to the figures Adobe reported being examined by a third-party audit. "When Dolby sought to exercise its right to audit Adobe's books and records to ensure proper reporting and payment, Adobe refused to engage in even basic auditing and information sharing practices; practices that Adobe itself had demanded of its own licensees," says the filing.

"Adobe apparently determined that it was better to spend years withholding this information from Dolby than to allow Dolby to understand the full scope of Adobe's contractual breaches," it continues. "Yet the limited information that Dolby has reviewed to-date demonstrates that Adobe included Dolby technologies in numerous Adobe software products and collections of products, but refused to report each sale or pay the agreed-upon royalties owed to Dolby."
Windows / Dell PowerEdge R730 RAID
February 14, 2019, 07:51:58 PM
OS: Windows 2012 R2 Server. One of the arrays in this server is two 600 GB SAS drives as a RAID 1. I want to add 4 more like drives to this Virtual Disk and convert it to RAID 5. According to posts at the Dell forums you can do this without having to format the drives. Step 1 add the 4 drives to the array and the Step 2 reconfig it with the Server Administrator and let it build itself.

This drive contains the Oracle DB for Prinergy on it so it isn't for the weak of heart. Yes I plan on backing that database up multiple times but Kodak says backup software like Acronis will corrupt the database. And they tell me if I want to copy it I need to do that outside of Windows because if I am in Windows and the Oracle services are running that could also corrupt the database when I copy it.

So my goal is to make sure I have multiple good copies of the database before I do the RAID conversion. Anyone else ever attempted to do something like this on the drive where the Oracle Database resides?
December 21, 2018, 02:12:37 PM

General Prepress / Pantone Color Finder
November 14, 2018, 11:45:16 PM
Macintosh / Apple releases new Mac mini
October 31, 2018, 08:46:04 AM
But wowser....were I going to buy one my minimum specs would be 16 GB of RAM, i7 CPU, and yes I'm spoiled but I would want to view it in 5K on a 27" monitor with a 512 GB SSD.

The iMac spec'd out there would be $1,699 without any monitor. For a 5K 27" display I think it would run you $500.00 or more. So best case you are looking at $2,199 for a Mac that I would classify as midrange. Want to max it out?

i7 CPU, 64 GB RAM, 2 TB SSD, 10 GB ethernet? $4,199 plus the monitor!

More reasonable but still...i7 CPU, 32 GB RAM, 1 TB SSD, 1 GB ethernet? $2,499 plus the monitor!

Adobe InDesign / FREE InDesign Scripts
July 04, 2018, 07:23:31 AM
Random Technology / EU Article 13
June 22, 2018, 08:35:51 AM
Be very afraid of this shit. If it becomes law I can tell you right now will no longer exist.

European Union prepares to wreck internet with new copyright law