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The Rest... / Re: Excel question
April 19, 2024, 11:12:06 AM
Those I can see, and now the original screenshots are showing up in the previous posting too.

I tested out my Excel template and I had actually done what you posted previously, and while it does blank out the cell (It shows empty vs the 0.00 it normally displays), if you go back and try to type a letter my little error window pops up, so it works. I *think* this is all I need for now. All my drop downs work, all my cells are protected from editing, and all the math adds up. Thanks!
The Rest... / Re: Excel question
April 19, 2024, 11:03:09 AM
Here's what I see:

The Rest... / Re: Excel question
April 19, 2024, 10:31:23 AM
OK... I figured out the number part of it through Data Validation, so now I just need to protect the cell, so they can enter a value, but not delete the formatting... it still removes it if you hit backspace or delete.
The Rest... / Re: Excel question
April 19, 2024, 10:10:16 AM
Well, I have columns for prepress, wide format, scanning, press time and bindery. The formula in the final cell is the total hours. That one is locked and cannot be changed. In the other columns, I want the operator to enter their time in a XX.XX formatting. Right now if someone enters an "f" the cell accepts that (although in the total column I get an ERR, which is what should happen), and it displays as, "f." If you hit delete, it erases the formatting and formula.

I want to force that cell to display an ERR if anything other than a number is entered. And I want it to convert the number to a decimal (if they enter 5, I want it to display 5.00). I have 90% of it formatted correctly - just need to make it so you can only enter a number and can't delete the formatting. I have it currently defined as a number, but it's not working (see screenshots), and if you delete out the f, it blanks out the formatting.
The Rest... / Re: Excel question
April 19, 2024, 09:47:17 AM
Well, I don't want a cell to be uneditable, but I do. I have a formula in the cell that does a math problem. I want the user to be forced to enter a number (not a letter - I want it to return an error), but not be able to edit or delete the math formula.
The Rest... / Excel question
April 19, 2024, 09:15:02 AM
I have a spreadsheet I'm creating in Excel to track jobs through the shop. In it I have some formulas to math for me. Problem is, it's really easy to accidentally delete or erase the formula and screw up the cell, so is there a way (without locking or requiring a password) to protect the formula inside that cell so it doesn't lose it's format and can still be typed in to? I know how to lock it, but then you can't add any new information, and the only other trick I know requires a password every time you want to add new information. Also, without the use of a 3rd party plug-in, is there a way to make a cell have a date finder calendar?
So I just want to clarify:

J imposes a file in the QI plugin in Acrobat. J saves it to your server directory. The Digital Press Operator opens his RIP and navigates in the software to J's file and clicks, import, and it's right side up, peachy and smelling like a rose.

You impose the same file the same way in the QI plugin in Acrobat. You save it to your server directory. The Digital Press Operator opens his RIP and navigates in the software to your file and clicks, import, and it's upside down?

Have you seen any demogorgons or made an offering to Vecna?
Is anyone there from Australia? Everything is all upside down and bass-ackwards down there.
Quote from: Tracy on April 18, 2024, 10:47:48 AMYeah that happens to me too when I Print to the que an 18x12
when dragged into the que it's correct somehow the Printing to que 12x18 is fine.
I think Digi was referring to that
But I'm not working with an indigo
Do you drag-and-drop PDFs into the queue or do you Cmd-P Print them into the queue?
Adobe Illustrator / Illustrator bleed issue
April 15, 2024, 05:32:59 PM
On the latest build of Illustrator, I am trying to create a new document and I set the bleed to 0 all around, and when it creates the new page, it's adding 1/8" of bleed to the top. You can't set the document defaults like you can in InDesign, so how do I fix? It's not a deal-breaker, but it really is an annoyance.
Tips & Tricks / InDesign/Acrobat/PhotoShop tricks
April 15, 2024, 02:47:32 PM
Having been out of the game a few years, I ran into a couple issues today and discovered two new (to me anyway) cool tricks.

If you need an image from an Acrobat file (without any of the text or crap someone might have included in the file), open the file in Photoshop. When you get the preview window, tic the radio button that says, "images," (it defaults to whatever you did last). Voila - an unmolested image.

#2, in InDesign, which was freshly installed on my machine, the default setting for image handling was set to Auto-Fit "on." This meant every time I tried to edit the frame on a placed image, the image would resize and/or distort. To turn the default Auto-Fit, "off," it's not in the preferences - you have to go to Object --> Fitting --> Frame Fitting Options and turn it off there.
Digital Printing / PRISMASync/PRISMAPrepare
April 11, 2024, 11:08:25 AM
so no one is using PRISMAsync/PRISMAPrepare?



General Prepress / Re: Xerox scanner parts
April 11, 2024, 09:02:50 AM
Thanks for the post; they only have 2 rollers for Xerox scanners, and neither of them will work.

At the state, we are supposed to come up with at least 2 competitive bids on everything. I can't find a second one, so I have to file paperwork for a, "no-bid."
General Prepress / Re: Xerox scanner parts
April 10, 2024, 04:16:01 PM